Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Card

Well, here is the awesome Father's Day Card that I made for my son. First, the card is done using The Angel Company's Reece paper line, and a tag from there as well. I attached it with hemp, and added a screw type brad to it. Seeing as I have no "Happy Father's Day" stamp, I just wrote that in by hand. The other picture is the inside of the card. I framed it with some more of the Reece's DSP, but the card has a sentiment on it, that I am not sure where I found it, but it sure has a lot of meaning. I hope you can read it, but if you can't it says:

"One of Life’s greatest joys has been raising a son like you
Seeing you grow from the little boy you once were
To the special man you’ve become
Has brought more satisfaction than you could ever imagine

But watching life come full circle
Seeing you as a father
Giving the best of yourself and your heart to your own family
Brings even more happiness
And more reasons to celebrate all that you are"

That sentiment just called to me. My son called me and told me that he received the card and loved the meaning of the sentiment. I spent the whole afternoon with my son and family today (Sunday), so I have to post one more picture, and that is of my lil grandson, James. He is 20 months old, and is testing you all the time, to see if your really going to come and get him down after he has crawled onto the table and decided to walk on it! He is my precious little boy. His mom always finds the funniest hats, because he is so blond that the sun would burn his head in no time. We were just going to head outside to be by the turtle....His sand box is shaped like a turtle :-)

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