Monday, May 25, 2009

My computer broke down

I'm finally back up and running, after being without a computer for over a week. I am still reinstalling programs. But between God and Ryan, they performed a miracle and got most of my data recovered from my hard drive that had decided it wanted some time off after working so hard for me. However, we didn't replace the hard drive, so I'm not absolutely sure this will be okay forever, but it does give me time to back things up....that I never did before. I thought I had lost all my grandson's pictures and more. But thanks to God and Ryan, I'm back! lol

Hope you had a nice weekend. Today, Monday, I spent the day with my grandson and he is such a character at his age-18 months. So here is his new picture. Don't you just love his hat! He is so cute, but I may be biased!

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