Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting better at card making

In the last post, I told you that I had a bunch of Thank You notes to make, and share with you, but this one was a special one. I'm beginning to think that they are all special. The picture has a black background, so the Kraft Cardstock is the base cardstock. The stamp set I used was Love and Laughter by The Angel Company. The set is only $12.95 and has many uses. The sentiment says "may your days be filled with Love and Laughter". The friend that I gave this card to, is going to get a frame and hang it on a wall at her house! Wooo Hooo...does that mean my card is going to be published? The Thesaurus says that published means "formally made public". It will be on her wall for all visitors to see. So in my own little world I am published! I told her it is one of a kind, as I inked the whole tree and its leaves up with markers, and it took a long time to do that, so anyone receiving a card from me with this stamp set, will always see the tree in all one color from now on. And yes, it is embossed. This one, I did a great job at embossing, but in the next post, I will show you a couple of cards that I did a terrible job of embossing. I may be embossing challenged-that might be a new illness ya know?? If it is, I'm the first one to get it, and I promise not to give it to anyone. And it better have my name in it somewhere.
That's it for tonight.
PS The blogger will not let me post "the and sign" for the name of the set or sentiment, so that is why I spelled it out, but IRL it has "the and sign. These computer sites are getting awfully picky.


  1. These are very pretty! Someone will be very, very lucky to get them!!!

  2. wow, is this card ever gorgeous...I adore it...great work...have a wonderful evening!

    enjoy *~*


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