Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Looks fantastic in real life

This is by far, the best card I have ever done. The problem is, is that you can't tell it by looking at the picture. It looks so awful on the web, that I don't know where to start describing it to you. First, the base cardstock is a purple from SU! Then I took some yellow designer paper, that has a light print on it, and ran it through my Big Shot on a texture plate, so it has risen bumps on it. I then sponged on a couple of different colors, but only to the raised area. Then I sanded on it, just to get some more 'pop' effect from the texture. I had stamped the little guy in the tub a few weeks ago, colored him, and just knew I would use it some day. So his day finally came. The red thing he's hanging on to, is a cup of coffee. I stamped the word Happy Birthday, and then used one of those fancy cutting scissors, that put a neat little edge on a rectangle. Then I sponged a little lavendar around the edge. The flowers across the top look horrible in this picture and I don't know why, because IRL they are white and purple. Here they look yellow and black. And the best part of this card, which you really can't see very well, is that I used some Bliss Blue ink and just put a few light lines of it on the water in the tub. Then I glued some SU! Dazzling Diamonds on it. Does it ever look fantastic. Just like the best, most relaxing bubble bath evah! It's still the best card I have done so far in my card making, I'm sorry that you don't get to see it. And no, I don't have my name in the bottom corner of the real card, just for the one published on the web.
I hope you all have a great week, if I don't put another post up tomorrow, then you won't see anything new up here until next week sometime.

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