Monday, July 20, 2009

Yep, It's Monday Already

So, as promised, I did go shopping at Hobby Lobby last week, and I came home $50 lighter...heee heee

Well, I actually wouldn't have spent that much, except for the fact that I had my niece along with me, and as we were headed to the checkout, she saw the paper storage rack that she knew I wanted, and it was on sale for 50% off. I really do wish that over the years, I would have kept track of how much money I have saved myself on things that were on sale. You know what I mean? So instead of it being $50 it was on sale for $25. So I just was thinking about whether or not I should purchase it, when my niece said, go ahead and get it now, and if you decide once you get it home that you want your $25 back, we'll just return it. So I said "OK". Well, you know that was not a smart thing for me to do. Cuz once you get it home, and assemble it, well, you aren't taking it back.

Actually, had I not bought the paper storage rack, I would've spent only $25, and that's not bad at all. However, all the stuff I got was on sale for 50% off, so I saved myself $100 all together. I'm a brilliant shopper...chuckle, chuckle, snort

Now to my card. Remember I told you about a friend that got badly burned in farm accident. Well, this is the card I made for her. And I know that some of you wanted to know how she is doing. Well, I guess most of the burns are to her face, arms, and stomach region. They had already started to do some grafting, using skin from her leg, but then they had to stop, as she got a blood clot in her leg. Her dad says they read each and every card out loud to her, but he said they keep her quite heavily sedated, so he doesn't know how much she is grasping. I'm thinking of making a card for her father, as he is in his 80's and this is tiring on him. It's almost a 2 hour drive to the burn center, and people from my church are giving him rides, whenever he wants to go. But I'm sure there is not much he can do, once he is with her. But I am sure it brings him peace, to just be by her.

Back to the card. I used the gatefold, and I love it! Any time I am stumped on making a card, this is the fold I will go with. The left half of the "Thinking of You" is glued to the left side of the card. So you grab each side, and it opens up to the saying in the middle. The square section in the middle is what I like the best. You can attach it, looking like a square, or you can attach it like I did, in the diamond shape. It all depends upon what you stamp in the middle, like a flower, or a saying. And because I critique my stuff over and over again, I will tell you that I didn't have my white background when I took the picture, so you're seeing my Berber carpeting! Nice color, huh?? lol
Have a great day...


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