Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Simple cards

For both of these cards, I used 1 stamp out of TAC's Spring Flowers stamp set. I still have not mastered the bow tieing technique...ugh! I even bought this bow maker and it obviously doesn't help me!! That is why only one of the cards has a bow on it. I think I'll just stick to bling and brads.
Here's a short story I have to share. The birthday card was made for a friend of mine, whose birthday was last week, or so I thought. Well, lo and behold, it was her husband's birthday and not hers, so I told her to just give it to him. Then I remembered, that on the inside of the card, I wrote "I miss our talks". Hope he liked the card. (blush, blush)
Hugs until next time~

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  1. lol!! this is a funny story Connie!! you sound just like me!

    I love your cards! thanks for posting on my challenge!! I just posted another one today hope to see your creations again!



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