Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little of both

First my rant:
I have never gotten that "awww" sight when I've seen a plane. I just know that they get me from one place to another, faster than driving. Well, once a year, the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) is held in Oshkosh, WI. I live about 18 miles from the airport that puts on this event. In order to land at the airport, all planes that are going to be landing, must circle my town. And from my understanding, the best time to fly is in the morning. Well, I have the problem when the pilots think morning is anytime before 8 am. I am a late night person, have been all my life. But I hear the planes starting to fly by my house every morning at about 6:30 am. It's been every morning for the past 5 or 6 days, and so I got about 5 more days left. This event show means a lot to people, as some fly all the way from Australia to see it, and the hotels are booked a year in advance, but not all people are airplane buffs, like all people aren't card making buffs.
A friend and I got together and organized a scrapping/stamping get together. Anyways, it starts Friday afternoon, August 7th and goes straight through until Saturday night. It will be an awesome time.
I wanted to show you a card I made. I used mostly TAC products. In the middle of each square is a piece of Mimi cardstock. This is still available, but this year it is called More Mimi, because the DSP is now double sided. I did use SU! ribbon to make the little brown bow.
So it is all done and I will be giving it my Aunt for her birthday at the end of August.
Hope you have a good day!
Hugs to all~


  1. Wow, What a Wonderful card. I never think to use just the DP to create cards. I quess I'm into coloring so much.

    Glad to see you're enjoying your Mimi Cardstock.

    And yes the Air Show is a wonderful thing. I've been to it many times.

  2. Great card Connie, I love it sooo very much!!


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