Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Birthday Card

I love my Art Impression stamps, especially the Golden Oldies. They are all so fun to work with, but you have to like coloring them, and that takes time. When I hear where it took someone 15 minutes to make a card, I sometimes wish that I could just do one that fast, but most of my stamps, I just love to tinker with, whether it is adding some bling, or stickles. Just something to make it stand out. I LOVE this card that I did, and I hope my friend that is getting this card, doesn't check out this blog until after she gets her mail in tomorrow!
The photo of this card really doesn't look anything like the original. She "Edna" the name of the stamp, has on a yellow swimsuit, and then I used blue stickles dots on it. Also on her ring, I put a dot of silver stickles. Then in the corner by the balloons, I put some purple stickles. Did I ever say that I LOVE stickles???
And the sentiment on the inside "Happy Birthday from one glamourous babe to another!"

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